ALEJANDRA VAN DER LANDMATIAS KRITZ | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | @vanderkritz


From their position as Latin American artists, @alejandra.vanderland (1974) & @matiaskritz (1973), from Buenos Aires, Argentina, make a foray into memory lane through emotional and evaluative experiences in a world ranked hierarchically by a difference-creating machine, thus questioning, through varied artistic expression, such as photography, articulated collage, installations and video art, the hegemony of western society and power structures that seek to standardize esthetics as well as gender and race symbols.

Using the photographic camera as a thaumaturgical  devise, Van der Kritz restores the soul of bodies, objects, animals and bones found in memory storehouses (anthropological, ethnographic, natural science and historical museums). Inspired in the wisdom of Amerindian communities (such as the Huarochiri Manuscript, the Myth of the Inkarri or the Selknam Mythology), they offer an option, an intuitively perceived reality not tied up to our own colonized, subordinated and excluded cultural corporeality, a construction based upon sensitive objects and damaged identity fragments, examining the transitoriness, homogenization, violence and invisibility of Latin American colonial legacy.