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New York, NY; August 2016: Contemporary Artist Angelo Musco has built his own city of Biblical proportions inspired by Genesis 11:1-9, the story of the Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues. The work, four years to complete, required the artist to work in New York (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), London (England), Berlin (Germany) and Naples (Italy) to gather enough materials for the construction – images of tens of thousands of nude bodies. The work is titled, SANCTUARY.


In the story of the Tower of Babel, the Babylonian’s aspired to build a tower that would reach heaven and challenge God’s power, which did not please God. At that time there was only one language so God fractured their effort with the confusion of tongues, giving the workers many different languages so they couldn’t communicate and then he dispersed them around the earth and the tower was never completed.


Musco said “ In creating a whole kingdom of towers inspired by the Tower of Babel, I wanted the ironic twist of reversing what happened in that story so I intentionally sought out diverse groups of models who spoke different languages and came from different cultures which necessitated staging photo shoots around the world. The choice of cities was dictated by local organizations being able to help support this work and finding locations that also held some cultural significance or interest. We worked together and symbolically built a community in peace and harmony, celebrating diversity in all its aspect, building walls for protection not separation, and bridges that join people together physically and conceptually which I didn’t realize four years ago would be so prophetic today.”

ANGELO MUSCO Photo Shoot 2014 | PALACIO DUHAU Park Hyatt | Buenos Aires, Argentina [2014]